Boston Strong Masonry & Paving

Concrete. Stone. Masonry. Unstoppable.

We at Boston Strong Paving & Masonry are a family business with decades experience in the paving and masonry industry in Greater Boston area. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best quality and service to our customers. We have gained a vast knowledge and understanding of masonry, stone, tile, paving materials and their applications regardless if its driveways, patios, walkways, stoops or any other base.

Boston Strong Paving & Masonry specialize in brick pavers, house bricks, retaining and garden wall blocks, blue stone blocks, and belgian blocks.

Considered a premier paving and masonry company. We provide exceptional service at discounted price.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best service possible at all times. We undertake and do all our own work. We don’t bring in outside contractors which helps keep our running costs lower which in turn is passed onto our customers in the great prices we are able to offer.

Masonry is our job

We are a full-service paving and masonry company. We are fully committed to excellence and satisfying your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.